From Copenhagen to the rest of the world

From 19 September there will be two return flights a day to the international hub Copenhagen, with the possibility of quickly and easily transferring to a flight operated by SAS or one of the other Star Alliance airlines. This airlift directly connects the Northern Netherlands to many airports all over the world. It is already possible to book!

Look and book

The flights to Copenhagen are operated by Nordica. You can book your flights (including connections) using the familiar booking channels such as and
At the Nordica site it will first only be possible to book flights from and to Copenhagen. Within a few weeks it will be possible to use this site to book all flights to destinations other than Copenhagen.
You can also book your flight via your travel agency.

The flight from and to Copenhagen can already be booked via


Copenhagen flight schedule

Day Departure Copenhagen Arrival Groningen Departure Groningen Arrival Copenhagen
Monday to Friday 07:35 08:45 09:10 10:20
  17:35 18:50 19:15 20:25
Sunday 17:35 18:50 19:15 20:25

Onward flights from Copenhagen to the rest of the world

From Copenhagen you can easily take a flight to destinations such as Stockholm, Oslo, Boston or Singapore. Some examples of flights and flight times if you opt for an onward flight in Copenhagen are given below. 

Destination Departure time Copenhagen* Arrival time destination*
Göteborg 11:20 12:15
Stockholm 11:45 12:55
Singapore 12:30 06:30 (+1)
Boston 12:50 15:20
Reykjavik 13:05 14:25
Tallinn 20:55 23:25
Bergen 21:00 22:20
Oslo 21:50 23:00
Trondheim 22:50 00:25 (+1)

* The times shown are examples. The arrival and departure times are subject to change. See the booking sites for the current times.