Check-in and baggage checks

Are you going on a trip? We are happy to provide you with an overview of information about the procedures (checking-in, security, customs) and luggage rules.

Check-in desks will open 2 hours before departure of your flight. (Unfortunately, you cannot check-in or deliver your baggage to us any sooner.) Check the website of your company, your booking confirmation or your boarding pass for the maximum check-in time before departure. After the check-in desks have closed, it will no longer be possible for passengers to receive their boarding pass and board the flight they have booked. 

Flight monitors
Monitors listing flight arrival and departure times are located in the terminal.

Please note!
- A plane of which the arrival is delayed, will not necessarily have a delayed departure time. Please follow the scheduled check-in times
- For security reasons it is not possible to drop off baggage in the morning and return at a later time. This applies to all flights