Can I take my medication with me?

You will need a doctor's or pharmacists statement to carry medication!

Always make sure you have your medication in your carry-on, so do not put your medication in the luggage that goes through the check-in desk to the cargo area. Furthermore, we recommend you to bring a prescription of your medication, in English, so you can show them to the security officials when they ask you about it. 

Syringes must be well packed. If you have any medicine that needs to be kept refrigerated, we recommend that you pack them in cooling bags or vacuum bottles that meet the applicable customs regulations for carry-on luggage. There is no on-board refrigeration facility.

When in doubt about certain medication, please contact your general practitioner for further information. 

Am I allowed to carry food in my hand luggage?

Yes, you can take your sandwich in your hand luggage. Yet, there are special rules for liquids and sharp objects.

May I bring my checked baggage in advance?

For security reasons it is not possible to leave your luggage at the airport to pick them up later. This applies to all flights.

There are no lockers at Groningen Airport Eelde.