Am I allowed to take my dog with me?

You are allowed to bring your dog with you in the public area of the terminal. It is not allowed to take a dog into the departure hall.

Can I get a tour on Groningen Airport Eelde?

Unfortunately, we do not provide tours. Of course you can visit Groningen Airport Eelde on your own. The terrace of the Airport Restaurant Eelde offers a beautiful view of the platform and the runway.

Arrival & Departure

At what time do I need to check in?

Check-in desks will open 2 hours before departure of your flight. Check the website of your company, your booking confirmation or your boarding pass for the maximum check-in time before departure.

When can I bring someone/pick someone up?

It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes after landing for the passengers to leave the arrivals hall with their luggage. This can be shorter or longer, depending on how busy it is at that time.

Does my flight arrive/depart on time?

The most recent arrival and departure times can be found on the homepage of our website or on teletext page 769.

Can I leave the plane on a stopover-airport?

For security reasons it is not possible to leave the plane on a stopover-airport.  


Can I take my medication with me?

You will need a doctor's or pharmacists statement to carry medication!

Always make sure you have your medication in your carry-on, so do not put your medication in the luggage that goes through the check-in desk to the cargo area. Furthermore, we recommend you to bring a prescription of your medication, in English, so you can show them to the security officials when they ask you about it. 

Syringes must be well packed. If you have any medicine that needs to be kept refrigerated, we recommend that you pack them in cooling bags or vacuum bottles that meet the applicable customs regulations for carry-on luggage. There is no on-board refrigeration facility.

When in doubt about certain medication, please contact your general practitioner for further information. 

Am I allowed to carry food in my hand luggage?

Yes, you can take your sandwich in your hand luggage. Yet, there are special rules for liquids and sharp objects.

May I bring my checked baggage in advance?

For security reasons it is not possible to leave your luggage at the airport to pick them up later. This applies to all flights.

There are no lockers at Groningen Airport Eelde.


Can I reserve a parking place?

Yes, it's possible to make an online reservation for a parking space at P1, P2 or P3. See the onlinereservation system for the options and the least expensive rates.

How do I reserve a parking space?

You can reserve a parking space online. Go to the reservation system.


What are the parking fees?

The parking fees are different for each parking product. Please view the online reservation system for the options and the least expensive rates.

How do I enter and exit the car park with an online reservation?

You can enter and exit P1 on the basis of your car registration number. You should indicate this in your reservation. You do however always need to take a ticket from the machine at the barrier. It is also possible to enter P1, P2 and P3 with an admission code or bar code. You will receive this in your parking ticket by email. You will always be given a car park ticket when you enter, which you can use (if you park without using car registration recognition) when you leave the parking facility.

How can I tell that my reservation has been accepted?

You know for sure that your reservation has been accepted when you receive a confirmation by email.

How long after making my reservation will I receive my car park ticket?

You will receive your car park ticket within 24 hours of payment and confirmation. Have you failed to receive your car park ticket? Check your inbox for spam. If you have not received you car park ticket, you can contact us on working days between 8:30 and 17:00 hours by email: parking@gae.nl or telephone: +31 50- 309 70 70.

Until when can I reserve a parking space?

You can reserve a parking space up to 4 hours before your flight leaves. 

How long in advance can I reserve my parking space?

You can reserve your parking space up to one year in advance.

Can I make multiple reservations in the same period?

Yes, you can make and administer several reservations in your account.

I have parked for longer than the reserved period. What should I do?

Parking for longer than the reserved time period is not a problem. You will however have to pay for the additional parking days. You will always receive a car park ticket when you enter the parking facility. Take this car park ticket to a ticket machine to pay the outstanding amount. You have 15 minutes to leave the car park after paying for your ticket.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

You can change or cancel your reservation up to 3 days before your flight leaves. You can make changes by going to your booking and logging in at "My account", unless it is no longer possible to change or cancel the parking product in question. An administration fee of 10 euros is charged to cancel bookings.

Can I enter the parking facility using my credit card?

No, it is not possible to enter the parking facility using your credit card. You can however use a credit card to pay your car park ticket at the ticket machine. It is also possible to reserve your parking space online and pay by credit card.

I do not have a printer. Can I still enter the car park with my reservation?

Yes, an admission code is given in your confirmation. You can enter the car park using this admission code. When you arrive at the barrier, enter the admission code in the pillar. The barrier will raise and you can enter.

 If you park in P1 and enter your car registration number, you can also enter on that basis. Please note: you must always take a car park ticket before entering the parking facility.

I want to reserve a parking space but I don't know my flight number: is that a problem?

No, you can reserve your parking space without entering your flight number.

Is the parking facility guarded?

Some of the parking facilities are fenced and closed in the evenings. There is also camera surveillance at all of the car parks.

How do I pay for my online parking reservation?

You can pay with your credit card (MasterCard, Visa and American Express), Giropay or Ideal. 

Where can I pay my parking fee?

You can pay for your car park ticket using the ticket machines at the parking facility. You can pay cash, by PIN or with a credit card using the parking ticket machine in front of Restaurant Airport Eelde. You can only use PIN or a credit card to pay at the ticket machines at P2 and P3.

Are you reserving your parking space at our parking shop? In that case you can pay with Ideal or your credit card.

Where can I ask questions?

For all other parking related questions you can contact the airport on working days between 08:30 and 17:00 via  +31 50 309 70 70 or via parking@gae.nl



Is it possible to reserve my seat in advance?

In most cases, you can book a seat via the airline which you are flying with. The travel agency, the tour operator or the airline where you booked your seat can help your further.


Which new destinations will be added?

We will announce it as soon as possible when new destinations are added to our offer. Keep an eye on our homepage or follow us on facebook for the latest updates.