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Why Riga?

Riga: a destination which will exceed any expectations

Who doesn't enjoy a tasty and inexpensive meal in a trendy restaurant on a friendly square? It's time to head for Riga, the capital of Latvia. Riga is known for its music concerts, rich history and intimate city centre. The Eastern European and Russian influences make you feel like you're in a completely different world.

4 reasons for choosing Riga

  • Inexpensive meals out

  • Old houses painted in all the colours of the rainbow

  • Big food halls and no end of rooftop bars around the city

  • Everything within walking distance

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Off to Riga!

Tips and fun facts about Riga

Useful and fun to know before departure

  • Did you know that Latvia only became an independent country in 1991? Since 1200 A.D., Latvia had always belonged to other countries.

  • The mediaeval centre is home to old churches and friendly squares. The Cathedral Square is a lovely place to spend time, day or night.

  • Riga is on the coast, so don't forget to take your swimwear in the summer. A bus ticket to the beach costs virtually nothing. After all, public transport here is extremely affordable.

  • Take a food tasting tour around the Central Market to start off your city trip. During this tour, a guide will introduce you to the Latvian kitchen and give you tips.

When can I fly?

Flight schedule to Riga

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