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Why Kiev?

Flights to Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev might not immediately spring to mind when booking a city trip. Yet it's a city full of surprises. On the one hand, the many high-rise buildings give Kiev a mondaine look, but on the other, Kiev is also one of Europe's oldest cities. Impressive golden domes tower above colourful cathedrals. A very special mix of historic and modern buildings.

4 reasons for choosing Kiev

  • One of Europe's least expensive cities

  • Long walks along the Dnieper river

  • Cosy coffee and tea houses and trendy lounge bars

  • Impressive places of interest include white and coloured cathedrals

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Tips and fun facts about Kiev

Useful and fun to know before departure

  • Kiev has great city parks. For adventures, head to Dnipro park. Cross the river on a zip line, to relax on the city beach.

  • In the centre, you may well encounter a pop-up flea market. You never quite know where. Music and tasty food complete the picture.

  • The Pecherska Lavra Monastery of the Caves, the city show-piece, is built on two layers. The lower section of the monastery is made up of narrow corridors and caves, where the monks once lived.

  • The National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War gives you the best views over the city. Take the old Soviet lift up and enjoy!

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