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Fly to Gothenburg with just one stopover

Gothenburg, the city of talent Are you an art lover? Then Gothenburg is just the place for you! The city is home to numerous museums that provide endless enjoyment. There is also plenty of music to discover. Prefer to explore the city itself? Architecture is this city's proudest feature!

You'll fly with a stopover at Copenhagen

You can fly to Gothenburg from Groningen Airport with just one stopover. The stopover is at Hub Copenhagen, with an onward flight to Gothenburg. You'll be flying with Nordica (in partnership with LOT) to Copenhagen and from there on with one of the partners to Gothenburg.

Flight tickets/bookings

To find and book a flight to Gothenburg you can make use of a well-known booking site such as

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Of course you can also book your tickets via your travel agency. They will also help you to compile your complete journey. 

Flight schedule Groningen - Gothenburg

  Departure Waiting time Copenhagen Arrival Total travel time
Groningen - Göteborg 09:15 1 hour and 10 minutes 12:20 3 hours and 5 minutes
Göteborg - Groningen 15:45 1 hour 18:45 3 hours

*= The times shown are examples. The arrival and departure times are subject to change. See the booking sites for all options and the current times. All times shown are local times.

Fun facts

  • Gothenburg is just one stop away from Groningen.
  • All the art is to find in one place.
  • Gothenburg is Sweden's trendiest city.

Timetable season 2017

Country Destination Day(s) Season Period Operator stopover
Sweden Gothenburg Mo  Tu  We  Th  Fr  Su  Entire year n.v.t. Kopenhagen