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Flights to Copenhagen

Nordica isoperating two flights a day to Copenhagen from Groningen Airport Eelde. This connection means that you can travel from the Northern Netherlands to Copenhagen in next to no time. 

Copenhagen flight schedule

Copenhagen flight schedule
Day Departure Copenhagen Arrival Groningen Departure Groningen Arrival Copenhagen
Monday to Friday 07:35 08:45 09:10 10:20
  17:35 18:50 19:15 20:25
Sunday 17:35 18:50 19:15 20:25

Onward flights from Copenhagen to the rest of the world

From Copenhagen you can easily take a flight to destinations such as Stockholm, Oslo, Boston or Singapore. From Groningen Airport Eelde it is a simple matter to transfer to another final destination. You only have to check in once. Your luggage is automatically relabelled. 

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Discover versatile Copenhagen

As the capital of Denmark Copenhagen offers the prospect of a fantastic city trip. Wander around the city and see the sights. Allow yourself to be carried away by the hospitable inhabitants, the hip, trendy cafes and the architectural highlights. Or explore Denmark by bicycle!  The versatility of the city makes it exceptionally suitable for families, sports enthusiasts and shoppers. How about a visit to Legoland? Or Europe's biggest high street, Strøget? Pay a visit to Copenhagen and discover it for yourself!

Why Copenhagen?

  • Trendy Scandinavian shops and eateries
  • Scandinavia's most popular cycling city
  • Good connections to intercontinental destinations

Tips and fun facts for your city trip to Copenhagen

  • Denmark's currency is the Danish krone: 1 euro is roughly 7.5 kroner.
  • Did you know that everything in the centre of Copenhagen is within walking distance?
  • You can make use of the Copenhagen Card (free public transport, visits to various museums, towers and the Carlsberg brewery).
  • Eating out in the evenings and nightlife? Copenhagen is the right place for that too!

Timetable season 2017

Country Destination Day(s) Season Period Operator stopover
Denmark Copenhagen Mo  Tu  We  Th  Fr  Su  Entire year n.v.t.

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