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Cluj-Napoca - the undiscovered pearl in the heart of Transylvania

The Rumanian economy is growing at a rapid rate and with it that of Cluj-Napoca, locally known as Cluj. It is evident in every possible way. With titles such as ‘The Capital of Tolerance’ and ‘European Youth Capital’ more and more multinationals are finding their way to the lively student city. Cluj is a surprising mix of stately buildings, plenty of greenery and a trendy café culture.

4 reasons for choosing Cluj-Napoca

  • The Silicon Valley of Europe

  • A range of museums, theatres and local events

  • A visit to the eyecatcher on the central square - St Michael's church

  • Escape to the beautiful Central Park

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Useful and fun to know before departure

  • The Hoia Baciu Forest in Cluj is known around the world for its paranormal activities. If you dare, you can book a real photo trip through this dark haunted forest.

  • Cluj is the friendliest city in Europe, where people welcome you with open arms.

  • Do not forget to order the local dish ‘varză à la Cluj’ during your stay.

  • Cluj means ‘enclosed’ and refers to the mountains that surround the city.

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