Working at the airport

Why work at Groningen Airport Eelde?

An airport is a fantastic place to work. The excitement of being around the airplanes, the visibility of the aviation sector in the media, and the daily contacts with passengers all make Groningen Airport Eelde an exciting organisation to work at.

Our employees need to be able to work cooperatively and in teams, be customer-oriented, and be able to consider the commercial consequences of their actions. The focus should always be on safety. It is a pleasure to work in the stimulating and dynamic environment of Groningen Airport Eelde, and your contribution to our success will be well appreciated. Everything at Groningen Airport revolves around outstanding service to our clients. Our clientele is highly diverse. It includes passengers, business travellers, tour operators, visitors, airlines, travel agents, and local residents. Forty-two employees currently work at Groningen Airport Eelde, performing a wide variety of jobs. These range from commercial and administrative to fire protection services and marshalling airplanes. 

Flexibility, enthusiasm and involvement are very important – a “9 to 5” mentality would not be suitable here.