Gliding flights

Groningen Airport Eelde is collaborating with Netherlands Air Traffic Control to introduce gliding flights towards Eelde airport. This method is realised by approaching with reduced engine power; the airplane glides towards the runway, as it were. This landing method results in more fuel efficiency, a reduction of the CO2 footprint and a reduction of noise pollution for the direct environment of the airport. On Friday 17 February 2012, Groningen Airport Eelde welcomed its first Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) which was performed bij a plane owned by

Special equipment
For the gliding approaches, the airplanes need to have been fitted with special navigation equipment. To start with, such gliding approaches will be primarily used by larger aircraft. Smaller airplanes do not have the capacity yet to use this equipment. The new procedures will be tested first in flight simulators over the coming months. The next step is that they have to be approved by the Ministry of Traffic and Public Works.In addition to the introduction of – environmentally friendly – gliding approaches, the airport is also looking into the possibility of achieving more fuel effectiveness by asking incoming airplanes to taxi to the platform using only one engine. This will result in fuel consumption that is reduced by several dozens of kilos of fuel per flight.