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Do you appreciate the advantages of a northern airport? Why not become a benefactor of the Foundation of Friends of Groningen Airport Eelde!

The Foundation of Friends of Groningen Airport Eelde was founded in the autumn of 1998 by a number of entrepreneurs and private persons, with support from the Chambers of Commerce in Groningen and Drenthe. They believed it was time to express the appreciation felt for Groningen Airport Eelde by so many northerners. The objective of the ‘Friends’ is to promote efficient development of the northern airport, the most important aspects being the advantages offered by a strong regional airport for economic development of the northern provinces, the local population and the employment opportunities in the region. The foundation also aims to promote a positive attitude among the general public and in the media towards Groningen Airport Eelde and aviation in general, through the provision of information for example. In doing so, it wishes to dispose of the impression often gained that the airport only has opponents. Benefactors of the Friends of Groningen Airport Eelde receive a regular newsletter giving information on developments at and around the airport. They can also participate in periodical informative networking meetings at the airport.

Would you like to become a benefactor? 
It couldn’t be simpler. Send an e-mail to the foundation and you’ll receive information as soon as possible.

Stichting Vrienden Groningen Airport Eelde 
PO Box 56 9990AB Middelstum
T +31 (0)595 551763 / F +31 (0)595 551943