About Groningen Airport Eelde


Groningen Airport Eelde
Machlaan 14a, 9761 KT Eelde 
PO box 50, 9765 ZH Paterswolde
The Netherlands
+31 (0)50-309 70 70 (mo - fri)

Conveniently close

Groningen Airport Eelde is situated in the Top of the Netherlands. The airport is a fully equipped international airport, situated within a stone's throw of the city of Groningen. The nearness of the airport, its excellent accessibility, its convenient departure times and its fast check-in procedures have ensured that an ever increasing number of travellers, living within a catchment area of 3,2 inhabitants, prefer Groningen Airport Eelde to the busy Schiphol Airport.

Groningen Airport Eelde offers flights to destinations in f.e. Spain, Greece, Portugal and Turkey. In 2013 the runway of Groningen Airport Eelde was extended to 2,500 metres. With the completion of the runway extension, more destinations fall within the scope of Groningen Airport Eelde, making the airport much more interesting for setting up new routes.