Nordica statement annuleringen 20-22 april vluchten Kopenhagen/München

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Nordica must regretfully admit that we have had problems with operating flights from Groningen from April the 20th. We sadly have had to cancel following flights:

LO 8865/8866 Groningen-Munich -Groningen  on 20.04
LO 8845/8846 Groningen-Copenhagen-Groningen on 20.04
LO 8865/8866 Groningen-Munich-Groningen on 21.04
LO 8865/8866 Groningen-Munich-Groningen on 22.04

Problems started with three of the crew member´s unexpected illness reported prior to departure and the logistical difficulties in sending in substitute crew members. Additionally on the evening of the 21st of April our aircraft got damaged in ground handling process, resulting in grounding of the aircraft. We agree that the situation is unacceptable and we are making every effort to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

We have made the following actions to reduce the impact of the schedule to the minimum:

LO 8845 from Copenhagen to Groningen will depart 2.50 earlier than scheduled at 17.40 on 22.04
LO 8846 from Groningen to Copenhagen will depart 0.55 later than scheduled at 19.20 on 22.04
LO 8842 from Groningen to Copenhagen will depart 3.40 later than scheduled at 10.10 on 23.04

Nordica will send a substitute aircraft on Monday morning which will be able to operate the flight to Munich according to normal schedule. We are again very sorry for these inconveniences we have caused to our passengers and we hope for Your understanding. We have additionally improved our procedures and hope to resume our high quality good service from Groningen as expected by the passengers. Between 25th of March and 19th of April Nordica had 100% regularity from Groningen and we expect the same to continue from Monday lunch time.